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Duck hunt cut anger

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

DUCK hunters fear for the future of recreational activity after the State Government imposed new limits for the 2021 season.

The has been cut from 12 weeks to just 20 days and shooters limits to two birds a day.

Duck hunting season provides an economic boost across the Loddon with locals and visitors trying their luck around Boort, Pyramid Hill and other district.

The Government’s weekend announcement has been criticsed by Victorian Duck Hunting Association and local MP and Nationals leader Peter Walsh.

Association president Dan Straub said: “This has been death by one thousand lashes. These constant calculated, predetermined, premeditated decisions are knowingly made to deter the hunting community from taking part.

“The biggest loser is rural Victoria,” he said. “Duck hunting is an integral part of our society. Hunters are a community of people who continue to be subjected to on going harassment, bullying and neglect.”

The association wants a 12-week, 10-bag daily limit season.

Mr Walsh said the declaration of a severely restricted 2021 duck season was the clearest message yet that the State Government had turned its back on regional Victorians.

He said heavy restrictions pointed to “the season to declare when you are moving to destroy hunting in Victoria by stealth”.

“With current data showing duck numbers are at a sustainable level and following above-average rainfall in eastern Australia in the past 12 months, the hunting community had looked forward to a full 12-week season – as legislated,” Mr Walsh said.

“Instead, the Andrews Labor Government has ignored the science and moved to regulate a recreational activity that generates $356 million for our state,” he added.

“For those who think this is just about duck hunting – it’s not. The Andrews Labor Government will sell out any Victorian to secure radical green votes in the city.”

Hunting start times will be delayed until 8am for the first five days of the season. Hunters will be prohibited from shooting the Blue-winged Shov-eler. Grey Teal and Chestnut Teal hunting will be banned north of the Princes Highway.

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