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Don't seal us in

RESIDENTS want to keep the gravel surface of a road on the outskirts of Newbridge.

And they’ve gone on the front foot to tell Loddon Shire Council their opposition if there are thoughts to seal Grant Street and Stewarts Road.

It’s a change from the usual road requests councils receive in country areas where residents welcome a top layer of bitumen on their road.

But sixth generation dairy farmer Les Stewart said the two roads, only metres from the Wimmera Highway, were “a different world and we want to keep it that way”.

Les, along with neighbours including Rosie Briscoe and Steve Wait, say there are many more roads in the Loddon that should be considered for sealing.

“There’s lucky to be three or four cars a day, the milk truck every second day, using these two roads,” Les said.

“We’ve occasionally seen people accidentally turn off the Wimmera Highway, thinking they are going to Bendigo.

“A sealed road would increase that happening and we could see B doubles getting bogged,” Les said.

“Then they’d say ‘we’re not in Kansas Toto, where are we?”

A report to Loddon Shire said there were no current plans to seal the roads. Council said it would consider residents’ views if sealing became an option.

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