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Don't litter over summer

Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) has urged people to follow its “carry-in carry-out” policy on

rubbish during the busy summer holiday period.

No rubbish services are available in GMW-managed recreation and foreshore areas, making

it crucial people carry out any rubbish they bring in with them.

GMW Mid-Goulburn Storage manager Paul Borbely said littering could be detrimental to the

health of waterways.

“Many of GMW’s water storages are appreciated for diverse flora and fauna. The storage

facilities attract families and large groups during summer months who enjoy fishing, boating

and passive recreational activities,” she said.

“We urge everybody to be considerate of other visitors and the environment by carrying out

any rubbish they carry in.

“When left on exposed lakebed or banks, rubbish can blow into the water or nearby plant life,

affecting water quality as well as creating environmental and safety issues. So to ensure our

storages remain great places to visit, it is important everyone does their bit.”

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