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Do this for 'Fitty'

PASSIONATE community volunteer Lesley Morrison will be remembered when Loddon communities join in the Run for Resilience this month.

The 5km walk and run promoting connection and resilience in rural communities will be named in Lesley’s honour.

Organisers announced at the weekend that the 5km event of the Active Farmers’ initiative on July 18 would be named Fitty’s Five.

Lesley, known to friends as Fitty, tragically died in May and has been remembered as a community power rocket.

Run organiser Claire Harrison said: “Active Farmers brought Lesley into our lives four years ago when she joined classes at Bridge-water.

“Although rather short in stature, when she arrived at class she would fill the room with her huge smile and outrageously colourful active wear! She was kind, generous and beautiful,” Claire said.

“In life she had overcome some huge battles and we were all in awe of her determination and resilience as she spent the past three years recovering from horrific burns. She found a way around any obstacle and never quit.

“Behind the scenes, Lesley was working hard to bring our two townships of Inglewood and Bridgewater together to deliver a fantastic Run for Resilience.

“No small feat, but she was so passionate about Active Farmers and wanted to share ‘it’ with everyone. And she had sneakily signed up to the 5km run a week prior to her passing.”

Claire said Lesley was a farmer’s wife, a mother to three beautiful kids and a community powerhouse.

Run for Resilience also includes distances of 10km and 21km - the longer distance course starting in Inglewood.

Claire said: “We know there are significant benefits to both physical and mental health when we are physically fit and have a challenge to work towards.

“This event will also provide the community with an opportunity to get together, have some fun and enjoy the community connection,” she said.

The Loddon Herald is a sponsor of Run for Resilience. See this week’s run training schedule - Page 13.

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