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Diary of a camper

CHILDREN will be able to keep camping in their backyards on summer nights under a draft new Loddon Shire local law.

The laws, currently out for public consultation, allow camping on residential properties without a permit.

However, in a change from the current local law, property owners are being told a “written diary, log book or calendar is (to be) maintained to document use of the private property for camping purposes and that such diary, log book or calendar is made available for inspection immediately upon request by an authorised officer” to show camping is not a permanent arrangement.

The draft also allows for camping on the property of an approved permanent residence of “one caravan, mobile home, motor home or tent on their land for occupation by immediate family or temporary visitors, for a total period not exceeding 60 days in any 12-month period”.

The number of days is an increase on the current 28 days allowed for camping by immediate family or temporary visitors. The draft new law also prohibits camping within one metre of the side and rear boundaries of a property.

Compared with the current law, conditions on camping are more prescribed with additional clauses proposed.

A council spokesperson said: “Children and families camping in their own backyard are not impacted by the local law.

“The proposed changes in Clause 36 actually relax some of the requirements of the existing local law in Clause 7.3 of Local Law No.4 to make it easier for people to camp on their own properties without a permit.”


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