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Debate on town traffic

Last week’s Loddon Herald reported on Inglewood trader concerns about taffic and parking in Brooke Street - the Calder Highway

Alan Davies wrote: This situation rears its head every few months. Speeding traffic? Speed cameras either end of Brooke Street would do the job. How many of the truckies per day stop to give their business ... I’d say from my observations less than 10 per cent.

So if they were diverted, would we miss them? I’d say with the utmost respect, probably not.

Would we lose normal passing traffic as a result? Yep but what percentage of those stop and give their business? That’s unknown until it happens.

Inglewood recently made Number 7 in the top 10 towns to visit in regards to its vintage and collectable shops. So that’s a huge drawcard right there.

If you are a tourist/day tripper, gold detector or just plain love visiting towns with significance, you are coming regardless of a bypass or not.

I believe the support should be focused on encouraging more small business in Inglewood, particularly unique ones such as the vintage ware shops.

We have already seen the huge tree change and shifting populations from the cities back to small towns.

I’m very bullish about Inglewood, its future and its potential and the talk about the bypass should be reverse engineered and used as a massive positive instead.

I reckon it would create intrigue and more curiosity about the town if it’s marketed and promoted right.

The Loddon Shire has a sleeping giant on its doorstep in my humble opinion!

David Hutchings wrote: Needs a bypass, but so does Marong.

Elizabeth Rewiti wrote: We don’t need a bypass, our town has come alive in last 10 years or so.

Coleen Tansley wrote: A bypass for trucks etc would make the main street safer

Howard Rochester wrote: Parents are wary of letting their children use pedestrian lights in Brooke Street because vehicles drive through them regardless what colour the light is.

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