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Cracking pace

CONSTRUCTION of the $29 million Mitiamo Pipeline has kicked off at a lightning pace.

More than 100km of the 360km Goulburn-Murray Water project has been installed.

The first 50km of the pipeline was installed within a month of Mitchell Water starting construction late 2020, with another 50km added during the holiday period.

Project Director Dan Arnold said the efficient start had been achieved by careful planning, deliberate contract design and clever procurement.

“We procured 270km of pipe and fittings to ensure the construction team were able to hit the ground running” he said.

The pipe was manufactured in Albury and is now stockpiled locally for easy access.

Mitchell Australia has teams in three to four locations along the project route to achieve concurrent installation of the pipeline.

As part of the planning effort paving the way for construction, the Mitiamo Project team has engaged with 170 farming families to develop individual landowner agreements. Cultural Heritage Management Plans have also been developed in consultation with Registered Aboriginal Parties.

Funded by the Federal Government, Victorian Government and Goulburn-Murray Water, the new 360km pipeline will supply 75,000 hectares including the townships of Mitiamo, Tennyson and Dingee.

The pipeline will provide a year-round service to about 150 farms and almost 90 rural homes from 370 tapping points. The Mitiamo Pipeline Project is part of Victoria’s Murray Darling Basin Plan commitments.

“This project will ensure reliable supply of water across a vast network, 365 days of the year,” Mr Arnold said.

“Customers can look forward to year-round supply including winter periods.”

Construction of the Mitiamo Pipeline is on track for completion mid-2021.

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