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Corella 'climate change distress'


Sir, Having read your article Bark Crazy (Loddon Herald May 26), I believe it is so very important to understand the behaviour and causes of what we are seeing here with our native corellas.

Firstly, our native corellas are very intelligent birds whose intelligence is on par to that of 4 or 5-year-old children and they are known as being so loving and affectionate and who pair up for life.

Under normal conditions, corellas are happy to live in small family groups however when their environmental conditions deteriorate badly these small family groups then join with other family groups and they so very intelligently all work together to help ensure the group’s survival.

Unfortunately when humans then see these large numbers they mistakenly believe that these large numbers are the result of corellas overbreeding when in fact it is because they are now under duress and are more greatly concentrated being pushed into smaller and smaller suitable feeding areas. The Arthur Rylah Institute’s Study on the Abundance of Four Cockatoo Species in Victoria, September 2021 found that over the years corella populations have more or less remained stable.

We also know from the science that human activities and expansion are the causes for climate change catastrophes, eg droughts, fires, floods and with ever worsening extreme weather conditions and also the destruction of precious forests and natural habitats due to logging, more farms, more building of housing estates which now are putting our precious wildlife under great duress, including the corellas.

I would greatly urge Loddon Council etc to please refer this matter and contact the Bird Advocacy Foundation (BAF) to assist here.

The BAF patron is the world-renowned and so greatly respected Professor Gisela Kaplan, ornithologist and also emeritus professor of bird behaviour - there are effective non-lethal measures available to arrive at a win-win solution here without the use of cruel and so unnecessary killing of our beautiful native birds to resolve these human caused issues.

The corellas should not be made to pay with their lives for human caused problems.

These 21st century issues require 21st century technology and it is time for us to learn to share this planet with our precious wildlife and use 21st century technologies to resolve such issues.

Elizabeth Attard


Australian Native Parrot Protection Association

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