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Contact wait irks

BECK Douglas fears some people in rural communities may be unfairly left waiting for their

COVID test results.

The Wedderburn woman last week had to be tested after the Calder Park outbound service station was listed as an exposure site.

That Monday morning website alert also meant husband Shane, who had just left for work, quickly turned back to home.

Both had stopped at Calder Park on their return journey the previous weekend from Melbourne and checked in using the QR code, both were tested Monday last week, both eventually would learn they tested negative.

It was more than 36 hours later before Beck and Shane were contacted by the Health Department. But Beck, classed as working in a priority occupation, still had to chase her result for two days when no notification was received despite multiple calls to the State Government’s COVID hotline.

And she says the wait for Shane’s result was longer. “More calls to the COVID hotline and still we hadn’t heard anything by last Friday, so I contacted the doctor and we received a copy of the result,” she said.

“Today (Monday), a week later and we still haven’t had a text message or email from the Health Department.” Beck des-cribed the experience as having been a nightmare.

“I feel they (government) are concentrating on the big cities,” she said of the lack of contact after being tested and the wait for results.

“Everyone is so fearful, no one wants to put other people at risk,”

Beck said delays in contact from the Health Department and the wait for results had made her “feel sick”.

The State Government coronavirus website says “you should get your test results within two days of being tested for coronavirus (COVID-19). You will usually receive a text message or phone call about your results. Sometimes there are delays and it can take longer.”

Maps released last week by the Health Department showed case primary close contacts and red zone permit holders in the Loddon Shire.

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