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Community sport day tomorrow

TEAMS from five district football and netball leagues will descend on Pyramid Hill’s Mitchell Park on Saturday.

Club organisers have been busily preparing for their second Community Practice Match Series and are hopeful that the 8 clubs committed to the day can turn on four enthralling games to whet the appetite of district football and netball fans.

With most leagues commencing their seasons in just over a week, the opportunity to top off busy pre-season activity has been welcomed by coaches and players.

This is the second year Pyramid Hill has provided such an opportunity, and with local umpires also getting fully involved the day should be an ideal tune up for the season-proper.

All games will run on a 90- minute timeframe, and will consist of three-25 minute terms with five-minute change of ends.

Coaching benches have unlimited interchange to ensure as many players as possible get an opportunity, so the action should be non-stop. Umpires from the Loddon Valley and Golden Rivers leagues are also using the day to hone their skills.

The day kicks off at 12.30 with Nyah Nyah West United playing Wandella, and the final game, Pyramid Hill versus Koondrook Barham commencing at 5pm.

In between these two games are the Tooleybuc Manangatang versus Stanhope and the Leitchville Gunbower versus Boort clashes.

Netballers have also been catered for, and will also have a 90-minute timeframe with which to finalise their preparation for the following week.

Entry to the day is free with gold coin donations to Pyramid Hill Fire Brigade who will be manning the gate.

Last year’s inaugural community day was named the Loddon Shire event of the year.

12.30pm: Nyah West United v Wandella. 2pm: Tooleybuc Manangatang v Stanhope.

3.30pm: Leitchville v Boort.

5pm: Pyramid Hill v Koondrook Barham.

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