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Claim man evaded police

Bendigo Police have today said a a man will face court next month after an incidents in the Loddon.

They have alleged a silver BMW was involved in two incidents of evading the Bendigo Highway Patrol and Pyramid Hill police on the Loddon Valley Hwy at high speed.

According to police:

Later on April 7, it is alleged the same vehicle was seen parked in Dingee with a male acting suspiciously. A 33 year old male from Bendigo was by arrested by Police units from Bendigo Highway Patrol, Elmore, Pyramid Hill and Bridgewater. A search of the male and the area located a large quantity of cash, drugs, a knife and a number of identification cards. The vehicle was impounded for 30 days and the male has been remanded in custody.

Police have not released details of any charges against the man.

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