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Claim 'lost cash'

Thousands of Victorians are sitting on a surprise windfall, with the State Government calling on potential beneficiaries to check if they can lay claim to a share of millions of dollars in unclaimed cash.

The Government says:

The State Revenue Office (SRO) is holding $111 million in unclaimed money that belongs to people of all ages from across the state. The cash is theirs for the taking if individuals and companies can establish their bona fides through a simple system that begins with an online search.

There are more than 740,000 entitlements waiting to be claimed. SRO data reveals that a Box Hill man is entitled to a $882,697 deposit while a Nunawading woman can claim $677,002. A Banyule doctor has 105 entitlements worth $3,379 recorded in their name waiting to be claimed, while a South Yarra woman has 61 deposits totalling $153,165.

In the past five years, there have been more than 60,000 successful unclaimed money claims worth almost $20 million from sources including electricity, gas and water companies, local councils, real estate agents, insurance companies and lotto tickets.

To claim owed monies, go to sro.vic.gov.au/unclaimedmoney and submit a personal or company name and the address that the lodging organisation would have had on file

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