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Church takes flight

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

THE most prominent of Wedderburn’s six new bird murals have been unveiled in the most unlikely of places.

Artists have transformed the facade of the town’s Uniting Church and the congregation has praised the result.

The stunning canvas facing High Street has quickly attracted interest from locals and visitors.

Church member Wendy Ward said: “We were approached to agree to having a mural painted on the front of the church as part of the Birds Eye View project.

“After much discussion we unanimously decided it would be a marvellous opportunity to highlight our church and promote the vibrant and committed group that we are,” she said.

“It may also encourage people to attend and become part of our Christian community.

“We also recognised that the murals represent God’s beautiful and pure creation

“We also noted it was in a perfect position to be the centre-piece for the community project which will bring people to come and discover the amazing number of birds indigenous to our area and enjoy their beauty.

“We believe that the very talented artists have achieved this and more.”

Wendy said the church congregation simply loved what the artists had done as they gathered last week to enjoy the work of art.

“We know of the huge and ongoing effort they have put in. They have achieved above all expectation their goal and we thank them,” Wendy said.

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