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Checklist action

A VEHICLE biosecurity risk assessment has been released to help farmers decide if trucks require a clean down to prevent the introduction of pests and diseases before returning to farms.

Agriculture Victoria grains biosecurity officer Jim Moran said the checklist was produced for grain growers by the Grains Farm Biosecurity Program.

“The Vehicle Biosecurity Risk Assessment Tool is a quick reference guide for assessing a vehicle that has travelled off a property or is not stationed on a property,” Mr Moran said.

He said the checklist gave grain growers a quick assessment strategy to help them determine if a vehicle required a clean down before re-entering their property.

“For example, the checklist suggests key questions to consider when a vehicle either arrives or re- enters, such as: Where has the vehicle been and what is the likelihood it has come into contact with weeds or other pests?” Mr Moran said.

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