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Charting reservoir future

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

LODDON Shire Council will develop a master plan for Skinners Flat Reservoir.

Council says it will engage key stakeholders and the community over coming months to provide direction for the future development, recreational uses, management and maintenance of the reservoir near Wedderburn.

Issues around ad hoc development of Skinners Flat Reservoir have been identified driving the need for creation of the master plan, achieved through community collaboration and consultation.

Council says planned community and stakeholder engagement will start this month.

“The project will engage and consult with the local community, user groups, key government and non-government agencies, and other groups identified through the planning process,” council said last week.

“In doing so, this project will consider any recommendations in terms of delivery and maintenance to align with council’s capacity.

“Future recreation activities need examining and all potential recreation activities will be considered in consultation with stakeholders.”

Council said the the project contributed to its strategic objective to “support development of a prosperous and

diverse economy”.

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