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Centenary of memorial

Inglewood-Bridgewater RSL sub-branch will hold a special commemorative service tomorrow evening, Tuesday 28 December, at 6.30pm on the centenary of the district’s war memorial.

LIFE was returning to a new normal a century ago in Inglewood.

Some families were able to be reunited when young sons returned men changed by the battles of Gallipoli and the Western Front.

They were together again for Christmas. But December 1921 was much more than filling in the gaps of World War One and enjoying life as the threat of the Spanish Flu rapidly faded.

The community was coming together to honour and thank those who returned from the horrors of war - gassed, maimed and wanting to live life again at home with family - and forever honour their service and the sacrifice of those buried in foreign soil.

It was December 28, a Wednesday afternoon, when residents gathered for the unveiling of the town’s war memorial in Grant Street.

It was the crowning feature of the war efforts of the town and district, the Inglewood Advertiser wrote of the “handsome memorial erected to perpetuate the deeds of the men who took up arms for a noble part in preserving the world’s freedom and liberty”.

Major-General Edwin Tivey would have walked past businesses adorned with bunting on his way to unveiling the memorial etched with the names of servicemen and women from Ingle-wood, Kurting, Rheola, Powlett, Salisbury West and Glen-


The town hero was joined by Major Forest and local MP Isaac Weaver, born in Boort, and first elected as the member for Korong Vale in 1917.

The Inglewood Advertiser noted that children from the district schools were present in large numbers, while the citizens’ brass band, under the leadership of Mr G. Cook, assisted in a great measure.

“A pleasing feature was the attendance of a number of local and district returned soldiers, who marched from the club room under the command of Lieutenant J.A. Catto, MM. A pathetic note was struck by the placing of wreaths about the memorial by parents and relatives of the fallen, this being an eloquent reminder that no great gain is ever made without sacrifice,” the newspaper reported.


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