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Capturing the Paralympics

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

DURHAM Ox farmer Drew Chislett has his bags packed for the Tok-yo Paralympics.

Drew flies out in a fortnight as an official photographer for the Australian team.

This will be Drew’s second time capturing the nation’s elite Paralympians in action. He was on board for the last games in Rio de Janeiro five years ago.

But the freedoms of Rio will be a memory when he arrives in Japan.

COVID restrictions and compliance will create a controlled and clinical environment for taking photographs. There will be no quick trips between venues this time, Drew says.

“Our Paralympians are amazing people and it’s wonderful to be able to support them,” Drew said.

“You really do admire their skill levels and this time with their families unable to attend, it will be even more important to capture what will be one of the biggest moments in their lives.”

As a team official photo-

grapher, Drew will be looking at the athletes in preparation and in competition.

“In preparation, looking for photographs that capture the moment, the nerves, the emotions, the perspectives,” he said.

“And then there’s the grind of athletes making it happen, the emotion of the result, the finish and perhaps the biggest challenge this time, capturing also the atmosphere of an empty stadium.”

Drew is hoping he will be allocated the rugby and table tennis events.

“I’m always awestruck with the rugby. The strength of the players, the skill ... it’s inspiring.”

Drew leaves with the team on August 18.

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