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Candidates make final pitches

Updated: May 20

Tomorrow is the official voting day for the federal election.

The Loddon Herald asked candidated in Mallee for the final words:


As an Independent representative I do not have to toe any particular party line, I can represent Loddon and Mallee purely based on policy and not politics. Imagine the possibilities.

My number one priority for Loddon will be to advocate for funding for a day care facility at Wedderburn P-12.

There is nothing more important than the establishment of this facility.

Not only will it support, attract and retain workers, it will allow Wedderburn P-12 to continue to remain a safe place for the students who so desperately need it to be.

If elected I intend to meet with and work with the shire on a regular basis to find active solutions for the lack of housing, health facilities and black spot funding.


Mallee voters have a distinct choice to make in this federal election.

Do you want more of the same lack of representation, infrastructure and services? Do you want more lockdowns, business closures and community interruption? Or do you want a candidate who is a lifetime Mallee local, a former farmer, civil engineer, small business owner and Councillor whose party has committed to a 20% regional tax concession, infrastructure investment and aged pension increases?

Do something different. Vote for vision, hope, opportunity and prosperity for future generations. Let’s get something done for a change!


We face a fight to have people-owned Postal Savings Banks with guaranteed deposits as the big banks abandon us, just as we need a national infrastructure and development bank to provide low-interest credit for road, rail, water, power, communications and health infrastructure programs.

We must finally fix the Murray Basin rail debacle and boost road maintenance and construction.

On the land the biggest fight will be returning water rights to farmers instead of the speculative commodity market.

And our crisis in social housing, aged care and childcare, if not fixed, will only further tear the very fabric of our society.


I am convinced there is no better place to live, work and raise a family than in Mallee.

In my first term, I have prioritised listening to the people of Mallee and consequently focussing on improving access to healthcare, and increasing funding for roads, infrastructure and connectivity, helping business and industry to thrive, and ensuring affordable reliable and sustainable energy.

I have brought $2 billion for Mallee in just three years.

So much rides on the outcome of this election. It is a choice. A choice for a strong regional Australia or a choice for chaos.

Only by voting for the Nationals at this election can you ensure a strong economy for a stronger future.


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