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Call for flood memories

BRIDGEWATER has remembered the 10th anniversary of floods across the Loddon Shire with a community barbecue.

Local development committee vice-president Graham Morse reminded residents the flooding had caused significant damage in January 2011.

But he said there had been positives since with the construction of foreshore paths along the Loddon River and redevelopment of the Bridgewater caravan park.

Colleen Condliffe asked those attending the event to celebrate community resilience to record their memories of the floods.

She has suggested that books be compiled of resident stories and photographs for each shire ward “while memories are fresh in our minds”.

More than 30 per cent of the shire was hit by the second largest flood in recorded history. Only floods in 1909 were larger than January 2011 that followed flooding the previous September and December.

At the flood’s peak, water volumes recorded at the Laanecoorie Reservoir spillway reached 194 gigalitres a day and flood waters in the shire 90km long and 50km wide.

The barbecue was organised by Kooyoora Women’s Network and Loddon Shire.

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