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By bike, off to school

STUDENTS from St Patrick’s School, Pyramid Hill, will be among thousands of youngsters across Australia riding to school next week.

Teacher Samantha Doyle said students were excited to be part of National Ride-

2School Day on March 19.

“Pyramid Hill is a small town which allows for many of our learners to be physically active in their transport to school,” she said.

“Riding to school builds independence, enhances skills around health and safety as well as respecting the environment.

“Learners benefit from social interactions with the community and peers, and building and maintaining relationships outside of the school grounds”.

“Our school encourages students to ride to school.

“We run a bike education program which supports learners to develop their bike riding skills as well as develop their confidence riding on the streets of our community”.

“Taking part in National

Ride2School Day helps to promote bike riding,” she added. “We praise learners for their safe practices when using their bike”.

Bicycle Network general manager of public affairs Anthea Hargreaves said Nat-ional Ride2School Day was a great time to start going to school the healthy way. “National Ride2School Day is a fun way for students and parents to experience the joy of riding a bike. There’s no better time to make riding to school part of your routine,” she said

“Riding to school is free and fun and can also help students perform better in the classroom. Studies have shown students arrive at school energised, alert and more ready to learn.”

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