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Buzzing weekends


THE LAST two weekends have been crammed with grand finals in sport and major local events.

What a difference a year (in fact two) make - summer sports seasons without enforced interruption, the verve and vigour of local communities backed by their confidence in presenting celebrations that bring visitors to the Loddon, increasing our economy with purchases.

Even overnight visitation is showing signs of returning to the levels experienced before the world went off the rails in March 2020.

The Wedderburn Detector Jamboree connected visitors from around Australia with the golden heritage of the region.

And the Serpentine Centenary Air Race and Airshow brought people to our part of the world to mark its place in Australian history. As Keith Ireson, grandson of the first official air race winner Lt Treloar, told me at the weekend, his inheritance of the 1920 race cup sparked the quest to know more.

What was the race about? Where is Serpentine? Keith over the years set about learning more about the town and the Loddon.

Our Loddon towns are more than dots on a map. They have all carved a placed in Australian history and have achievements to proclaim even in contemporary society.

The amazing efforts of a volunteer committee to commemorate an air race centenary have been nothing short of amazing and were, most appropriately, rewarded with thousands thronging to a paddock at the weekend.

These volunteers overcame more challenges than just about any event organiser (AFL grand finals and Australian Open tennis excepted, perhaps!).

They had a dream - a big dream - that showed great ideas still start in country areas and can be delivered by country people expanding networks and taking communities on a journey.

The buzz of the last two weekends is the result of local people doing their bit and showcasing the Loddon.

Thanks to their efforts, confidence and momentum can keep rising.

Who knows? Thousands have discovered the region and will hopefully return.

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