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Bring back road program call

Member for Ripon Louise Staley MP wants the State Government

reinstate the Country Roads and Bridges Program in next month's Budget.

She said rhe previous Liberal and Nationals Government’s Country Roads and Bridges program delivered guaranteed funding to Victoria’s 40 rural councils to assist them to maintain their council road networks.

"One of the first actions of the incoming Andrews Labor Government was to abolish the popular Liberal and Nationals Country Roads and Bridges Program. Seven years later and council owned roads in country areas are in as bad a state as the state government VicRoads roads which are also underfunded.

"The Liberals and Nationals have confirmed that in government we will reinstate this vital funding package so that the local roads country Victorians drive on every day can be maintained to a safe standard.

“Local roads are in such poor disrepair that we shouldn’t have to wait for a change of

government to fund them, so Daniel Andrews needs to act now to bring back the Country Roads and Bridges program,” Ms Staley said.

"Country Councils have big road networks and small populations, so they

need help to maintain their roads. As an MP covering eight rural local government areas, I’m

thrilled a Liberal and Nationals government will reinstate the Country Roads and Bridges

program, but Daniel Andrews should do it now. Lives are at stake.”

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