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Boom times at lake

VICTORIANS looking for a new holiday experience have doubled Boort’s population this summer.

The local caravan park has been at capacity since Christmas, creating a January like no other for owners Wendy and Tim James.

Running the past for four years after a 25 years as annual visitors, Wendy says this January has been like no other.

“With the NSW border closure, people have been looking closer to home ... to get in or extend their stay,” she said.

“It’s been quite amazing as people are looking for a different experience and finding it in Boort.

“We’re looking at more people who now see Boort as an annual destination for their holidays.”

While the State Government has released two batches of holiday vouchers that were quickly snapped up, Wendy says there has been no park visitors with the tourist rebate.

She says sites and cabins have been turning over as fast as a booking ends.

“People are looking for water, water sports and we have that in Boort,” Wendy said.

“The town’s population has doubled since Christmas with people coming here.

“The caravan park could be filled if it was twice the size.”

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