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Blitz and cheer

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

AMBER King has been jumping, tumbling and cheering since she was a youngster at kinder gym.

The Wedderburn woman has taken her artistic cheerleading performances at South Australian National Football League games. But Amber’s debut as a member of Bendigo’s Blitz All-Stars in the sport’s major championships has been thwarted in 2021 by COVID lockdowns.

“A few weeks back, we were all ready for the regional virtual championships - the make-up done, the costumes on - when country Victoria was quickly put back into lockdown,” Amber said.

The 10-member Blitz team from Cheer N Dance Bendigo has been training for 90 minutes twice a week.

“The Blitz team is a great group of people,” Amber said.

“Our two and half minute routine usually has four elements of jump, dance, tumble and stunting (cheerleaders being thrown into the air) but because of COVID our current routine has dropped tumbling.”

Amber, who says tumbling has been her passion since a young girl, had been a member of an Adelaide cheerleading team before moving to Wedderburn three years ago.

And she’s looking forward to the return of the sport’s national championships that can have up to 10,000 competitors.

“Our sport combines artistry with athleticism ... there’s a lot of jumping,” she said.

Amber said: “I’ve never really stopped since mum joined me up at kinder gym.”

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