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Big target set

BOORT-YANDO batsmen warm-ed up for the upcoming finals of Upper Loddon Junior Cricket by belting up a huge total at Kingower on Saturday on the first day of the two-day encounter.

Bridgewater v Arnold


J. Wendels retired 50

C. Hancock c T. Naughton b K. Lister 3

F. Lock c L. Lonsdale b D. Stringer 23

K. Hewett retired 4

M. Whitton retired 6

M. Pickering retired 4

A. Thomas c N. Wickham b S. Lister 0

S. Hewitt not out 9

G. Hancock b N. Wickham 0

Extras 42

Total 4/141

Bowling T. Naughton 10-3-0-15, K. Lister 7-0-1-27, D. Stringer 5-1-1-15, L. Lonsdale 5-1-0-11, T. Woodhatch 5-2-0-14, N. Harrison 3-0-0-11, N. Wickham 4-0-1-14, B. Smyth 4-1-0-6, H. Kilby 3-0-0-12, S. Lister 3-0-1-5.

Kingower v Boort-Yando


F. Holland not out 63

A. Cockerell not out 59

B. Arnold run out J. Luckman 1

J. Mulquiny b R. Murphy 6

T. Potter run out T. Murphy 24

J. Hird c&b J. Luckman 3

N. Scott b T. Murphy 49

J. Potter retired 50

L. Hall c&b J. Luckman 8

Extras 48

Total 6/311

Bowling T. Murphy 7-2-1-33, I. Johnson-McCloud 5-0-0-63, J. Luckman 7-0-2-46, Riley Murphy 6-0-1-53, R. Smith 5-1-0-15, E. McCoy 4-0-0-32, X. Wilson 2-0-0-19, M. Lonza 2-0-0-19, Rhiannon Murphy 1-0-0-5, R. Leach 1-0-0-5.


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