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Beware cost shifting

Updated: May 5, 2021

COST-SHIFTING between tiers of government has been the bane of local councils and country communities for decades.

And with the imposition of costs locally has come a shift in who is responsible ... for decisions, maintenance and upkeep.

The latest example in the Loddon is Tarnagulla Recreation Reserve. It’s on Crown land, managed by a local committee but given few if any funds by government for upkeep of the popular caming ground - up to 25 vans and tents some nights.

Whatever improvements are made, funding is through the $5 a night site donation.

Now the campground needs infrastructure investment to the tune of $100,000 if it is to remain open long term and give an accommodation base for gold-seeking and budget-conscious visitors to the district.

That the reserve committee should even need to consider raising funds for some or part of the improvements raises serious concerns for future management of Crown land and its use.

The Government has, quite rightly, put the focus on intra-state travel since COVID hit.

But that comes with a responsibility to invest in areas like the Tarnagulla reserve, not leaving them begging for funds.

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