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Benefits of scholarships

Inglewood and Districts Community Bank is proud to support local rural young people in pursuing their dreams with annual tertiary scholarships. Previous recipients talk about learning and vocational pathways and their appreciation for the bank’s important contributions to the journey

Emily Campbell

Uni for me started in 2013 in a psychology degree, and finished in 2017 with a nursing degree instead. I was lucky enough to live on campus at La Trobe in Bendigo for the first couple of years, before moving into private accommodation with friends that I had made along the way. When I finished my degree, I made the move to Swan Hill to complete my registered nurse graduate year - 4.5 years on and with experience in various areas within the hospital, I am still working in Swan Hill. I have since completed my postgraduate certificate in Emergency, and am a permanent staff member within the ED. I am currently on maternity leave, however prior to that spent months on the frontline helping protect and care for our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, and look forward to getting back to work in the coming months to continue to help those who present to our hospital.

Transferring into the nursing course was by far the best decision I made at uni, and I am proud of the path it has taken me on since leaving high school.

Without the help of the Community Bank Inglewood & Districts Scholarship, I really wonder whether I would have chosen to live on campus for the first two years of my tertiary studies - and if I hadn’t done that I don’t think I would have made half as many lifelong friendships or developed the confidence to make the move on my own to Swan Hill! I think my life would have turned out very differently to where it is now. I am so grateful to have been a recipient of this scholarship - it took some of the financial pressure off and allowed me to really embrace my uni experience and set myself up for the future. Thanks Community Bank Inglewood & Districts!

Emma Lockhart

I commenced a five-year Bachelor of Law/Arts degree at La Trobe University Bendigo campus in 2016 and graduated in November 2020.

Since graduating I have been working in a Bendigo law firm doing Legal Secretary work. This February I commenced practical legal training which I will complete in the coming weeks. After the completion of the practical legal training I will then be able to apply to be admitted as a practising solicitor. This will hopefully occur in the next few months. I would like to thank the Community Bank Inglewood & Districts for its assistance along the way. Our local community is very lucky to have access to the assistance that the Community Bank Inglewood & Districts provides.

Madeline Campbell

I, like others, was lucky enough to receive support from the bank in the form of a scholarship that allowed me to live on campus for 12 months in my first year of university. Following my graduation from La Trobe University in 2021, I relocated to Darwin for 12 months to start my career as a Speech Pathologist.

I absolutely loved my time in Darwin but again felt a sense to try something different and moved to Adelaide. in March this year. I gained employment in a private practice providing speech pathology services to children aged 2-12 years. I am so grateful to have been a Community Bank Inglewood & Districts Scholarship recipient - without the financial support that it offered, I may not have been able to relocate interstate and gain the valuable life experiences that I have to date. Thanks Community Bank Inglewood & Districts!

Macey Martin

I received the Community Bank Inglewood & Districts Scholarship at the beginning of 2020 after completing year 12 in 2019. I am currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Primary Education at La Trobe University Bendigo and have recently completed my first teaching placement. I am also currently working as a supervisor in before and after school care. Receiving the scholarship has been a great support throughout my studies.

Edwina Fry

Since the scholarship, I completed my Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Monash University in Clayton. I lived at Mannix College and became a residential advisor in my second year supporting other students around me to have a fun and supportive experience. In 2018, I took a year away from studying after the completion of my degree. I worked to save for a four-month adventure through Africa and the UK before returning to enter my next academic adventure, Medicine.

I am currently in my final year, awaiting the outcome of my job applications for my first year as a doctor in 2023.

Over the four years I have lived and studied in Geelong, online (COVID-19), Ararat and currently in Warrnambool getting a great rural and regional health exposure. I was president for the University’s Rural Health Club for two years, advocating for rural students and encouraging more students to get involved in the opportunities available. My goal going forward is to live and work within rural communities, like those that I grew up in. The medicine is exciting, by the people and camaraderie is the reason to stay. I am excited for what is ahead, and I am grateful for the support Community Bank Inglewood & Districts gave me early in my tertiary education journey, allowing me to start this journey.

Hamish Catto

A few years on, and the support received from the Community Bank Inglewood & Districts Scholarship has continued to put me in good stead in a variety of ways.

At the time, it helped me to pursue an opportunity that, in the time since, has had a significant influence on me as a person and my current circumstances. In honest and simple terms, I would not be the person I am and as content as I am, had I not been provided the opportunity to experience life at university in Melbourne.

Currently, I am working at a civil engineering company in Bendigo while at the same time farming at home in Bridgewater.

Applications for the Community Bank’s 2023 tertiary and vocational scholarships open in December

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