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Band bounces back

WEDDERBURN Band has given itself a fighting chance for the 2021-2022 season after defeating Upper Loddon Cricket Association juggernaut Arnold in the first round back from the break.

It was team veteran Steve Giorlando who set up the thrilling eight-run victory on Saturday - claiming two wickets with the ball, a catch in the field and then top-scoring with 38 runs.

Arnold, playing for the first time in a month, had was without five regulars and was forced to bring in several players including top junior Jasper Wendels who had a knock of 19 before being caught by Giorlando. Wendels also returned to the tight bowling figures of 0-12, including three maidens.

And Wedderburn's opponent in last season's grand final, Bridgewater, has also kept its hopes alive for a title defence by defeating Boort-Yando.

Opener Tom McKinley led the way with 68 and received good support from Murphy and Harry McKinley.

Brigdewater lost just four wickets and its finished on 168 after the 35 overs.

Boort-Yando's middle-order bats Alex Cockerell and Jonathan Lanyon battled valiantly but could not overcome the bowling of Darcy Wood and Bode Stevens who each finished with three wickets.



C Dale c L Ritchie b S Carroll 10

P Scholes c L Ritchie b W Holt 0

R Metelmann lbw I Holt 5

HR McCullough lbw S Giorlando 57

J Wendels c S Giorlando b J Vander-Wetering 19

M Dale b S Carroll 3

B Power c I Holt b S Giorlando 2

N Drew not out 7

B Metelmann not out 8

Extras 7

Total 7/118 (cc)

Bowling: W Holt 7.0-2-1-10, I Holt 7.0-2-1-15, S Carroll 5-0-1-26, J Vander-Wetering 7.0-0-1-14, S Giorlando 4.0-0-2-19, O Lockhart 2.0-0-0-18, J Thomson 3.0-0-0-16.


B Holt c R Metelmann b B Power 3

W Holt c P Scholes b B Power 21

I Holt b B Power 0

O Lockhart c P Scholes b HR McCullough 6

S Giorlando c P Scholes b HR McCullough 38

L Ritchie st P Scholes b C Dale 14

S Carroll not out 29

L Holt not out 9

Extras 6

Total 6/126 (cc)

Bowling: B Power 7.0-3-3-16, R Metelmann 7.0-1-0-32, HR McCullough 6.0-0-2-27. C Dale 7.0-0-1-24, J Wendels 7.0-3-0-12, M Dale 1.0-0-0-12.



T McKinley b D Crilly 62

PB Murphy c W Gould b F Bear 46

H McKinley b J Lanyon 33

D Wood c J Lanyon b B Minogue 4

B Stevens not out 10

Extras 13

Total 4/168 (cc)

Bowling: J Hodoras 7.0-1-0-17, D Crilly 7.0-0-1-29, B Minogue 4.0-0-1-19, H Weaver 3.0-0-0-19, A Cockerell 3.0-0-0-17, J Lanyon 7.0-0-1-34, F Bear 4.0-0-1-29.


J Smith c T McKinley b PB Murphy 10

B Minogue c H McKinley b D Wood 0

F Bear c B McGee b B Stevens 8

J Hodoras c R Taylor b B Stevens 12

W Gould c T McKinley b B Stevens 4

A Cockerell b D Wood 26

J Lanyon c J Bowen b T McKinley 25

H Weaver b D Wood 12

D Crilly b K Bloom 1

G Zanker not out

Extras 6

Total 9/104 (cc)

Bowling: K Bloom 7.0-3-1-11, D Wood 7.0-0-3-14, PB Murphy 7.0-1-1-24, B Stevens 4.0-1-3-7, C Pickering 2.0-0-0-12, T McKinley 5.0-0-1-19, H McKinley 3.0 0-0-14.

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