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Aspirants in slump

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

PREMIERSHIPS are not won in July or even August.

That’s the good spin for premiership aspirants Pyramid Hill and Bridgewater.

But with five games left in the home and away season, results and performances since returning from the COVID Lockdown 4.0 hiatus do not bode them well for the finals’ series.

The Mean Machine, still sitting second on the ladder and having lowered the colours just once (to reigning premier Mitiamo) have been hit by suspensions and injuries.

Also missing since that fiery clash against Pyramid Hill three weeks ago is the team’s mojo.

Brilliant patches without four quarters of consistency and the return of question marks when under pressure.

Saturday was a classic display of irregular spark. Nearby neighbour Newbridge were ahead at quarter time and apart from a dramatic fade in the second term, were not intimidated by the normal strength of Bridgewater.

Newbridge worked overtime to limit scoring opportunities. They held Josh Martyn to just four majors after his career-best 15 the previous week.

Have no doubt, Newbridge have improved as the season’s progressed.

After coming so close against Bridgewater and consolidating on-field presence against Calivil, Pyramid Hill literally crashed at the weekend against Marong now boasting the lethal combination of Grenfell, Pappin and Robins who kicked 14 of the Panthers’ 16 goals.

More worrying, the Bulldogs could only rattle the scoreboard for a solitary goal in the first half.

Billy Micevski was one of the few shining lights in a dim day at the kennel.

And what about Bears Lagoon Serpentine? They kicked a season high at the weekend against Inglewood and now sitting well clear in fifth position on the ladder, may be finding solid form at the right time.

At the moment, Miti, Marong and Serp are the form sides. The other contenders have a slump to snap and pronto.

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