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Art from the top shelf

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

DISCARDED office shelves are finding new homes across the Loddon after being brushed up by Len Dierickz.

The Korong Vale artist is scouring sales and websites for metallic shelves to repurpose as wall and garden art.

Birds and goldminers have become his top themes, their silhouette shapes drilled out before colourfully brought to life with enamel paints.

“I’ve been in Korong Vale for 12 years and have turned 70. It’s keeping me busy and occupied,” Len said.

Len has worked in the art field most of his life, drawing fine ink sketches and selling artworks in Melbourne’s Swanston Street. “There’s been no formal training ... well I did go to an art class once and the other students were all looking at how I was doing it,” Len said.

The popularity of Len’s new creations has exploded since he put them for sale online a few weeks ago. LH PHOTO

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