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ALP abandons farmers: Webster

The Labor Party have confirmed today that they will scrap the Agricultural Visa Australian farmers desperately need, according to Mallee MP Anne Webster

She said said the Labor party have demonstrated their blatant disregard

for the regions and the agriculture sector in their decision to abandon the Ag Visa.

“Led by the Australian Workers Union, the Labor Party have shown Australians just how out of touch they are with farmers and the agriculture sector,” Dr Webster said.

“The Ag Visa provides hope to farmers who desperately need long term solutions to workforce shortages.

“The Labor Party have torn up the Agricultural Visa at the hands of their political masters, the AWU.

“The Labor Party’s‘plan’ disregards the skilled and semi-skilled agriculture workers needed in the sector.

“It will reduce the labour pool that farmers have access to, which will mean many farmers will have to reduce production, as we have seen while the borders were closed with COVID.

“The end result of that will be that families will pay more at the check-out, as demand for our

groceries will outstrip production.

“It will reduce the wealth to our nation, as exporters have less food and fibre to sell to the world.

“By killing the Agriculture Visa, the Labor Party has also delivered a diplomatic insult to our strategic regional partner Vietnam who have already signed a memorandum of understanding with Australia.

“What other international agreements are the Labor Party going throw out?

“The Australian Labor Party have ignored the needs of the agriculture sector and instead are

allowing the AWU to dictate their policies.

“This is appalling. This decision will have real impacts on livelihoods. They do not care about our strategic partners, and they will reduce our nation’s wealth and will drive up the cost of everyday items.”

“This adds to the growing of contradictory made by Labor. Kristina Keneally has come out and said they will honor the Vietnam agreement. Who knows what Labor really thinks and what they will really do?

“Will the real Albo please stand up.”

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