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Activists bid at roo credit call

ANIMAL activists have tried to claim credit for rejection of a planning permit to process kangaroos for pet meat at Inglewood.

Loddon Shire councillors last week rejected the application on a planning scheme technicality.

Victorian Kangaroo Alliance said it and the Animal Justice Party ran a campaign with 1263 emails sent to the Loddon Shire tourism team pledging to actively boycott Inglewood if the facility went ahead.

Secretary Glynn Jarrett said: “Whilst the outcome is a win for kangaroos and Loddon Shire overall, it was extremely disappointing to hear the councillors complain about having to reject the application.”

Animal Justice Party MP Andy Meddick claimed “this is a fantastic result for our iconic native animal the kangaroo, and shows just how effective a campaign can be when run with passion and facts by local community and backed by overwhelming support.”

And animal rights group PETA said “champagne corks were popping at PETA with the news that, after receiving our petition with 7000 signatures, Victoria’s Loddon Shire Council has rejected plans to turn an abandoned abattoir in the area into a facility to skin and butcher kangaroos.”

PETA did not mention the planning scheme-based decision.

While the processing plant was rejected, kangaroo harvesting will continue in the Loddon and other parts of Victoria.

Campaspe Meats’ Loc Rivett said harvested kangaroos would now be taken to other Victorian facilities for processing.

He also said field chillers would be used for local harvesting.


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