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Achieving together


AS YOUR councillor, one of my roles is to represent my community in council decision making.

This role is very important to me. I’m a strong believer in the power of communities to drive solutions to problems they have identified.

When communities work with council, it can help the organisation to stay on the right track.

Council is tasked with decision making on behalf of our residents.

With good communication, we can be guided in our direction by our constituents to ensure we are planning for the future you would like to see.

Many agencies and governments are now recognising the power of place-based approaches.

The Victorian Council of Social Services has written an interesting paper called Communities Taking Power.

It talks of building greater community cohesion and resilience by working together. What a great aspiration!

Of course, council has to work within financial and regulatory constraints but when planning

important projects we need to hear from community members across the municipality to understand what you consider important.

This will help us decide where best to put council’s investment of funds and allows for projects and services to meet your needs.

There are many in the community who regularly tell us what is important to them.

However there are many others who we do not hear from. Maybe people feel that their opinion isn’t important but, if you live in Loddon, your thoughts and ideas are relevant and we need to hear from you!

Very soon council will be asking for feedback on our Council Vision and Council Plan.

These documents are very important and guide our direction over the next four years at least.

Please make the time to look at them and provide your comments.

We’ll also be putting out the long-term financial plan in the next couple of months. It’s another document which will impact residents and sets out where your rates are invested so be sure to take a look.

Helen Keller said “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. agree with her statement and hope we can work together to create a vibrant and prosperous community.

Please take the time to give your feedback on council documents and feel free to contact me regarding council matters that are important to you.

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