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$4m spend on local works

LODDON Shire will take to the roads as part of a $4 million

infrastructure program this financial year.

Councillors have adopted the list of priority works for the next 12 months that include Federal Government funding from Roads to Recovery and Local Roads and Community Infrastructure program.

The $3.98 million 2021-2022 program is topped by $1,067 million to reseal and final seal approximately 41km of the shire’s sealed road network, $318,788 for local road gravel resheets and $146,821 for local road shoulder resheets.

There is also funding of $699,829 for the renewal of sections of Tandarra-Serpentine Road, Wedderburn-Wedderburn Junction Road, and Prairie Road, and $100,336 to seal Potters Hill Lane, Market Street and Nixon Street in Inglewood.

The program includes funding of $150,600 for three projects to improve road safety with removal of hazardous trees adjacent to the road shoulder on Dunns Road at Kamarooka North and improving the safety of Lily Street in Bridgewater on the corner before the Laucke Flour Mill.

There is also $412,816 to replace 460 metres of footpath in Wedderburn and Tarnagulla, and replace a section of kerb and channel in Grant Street, Inglewood.

Drainage projects at Korong Vale and Inglewood share in a $281,500 allocation for urban and township drainage projects.

Council has included an additional allocation to complete the investigation and design of the Skinners Flat Reservoir dam and spillway restoration at Wedderburn..

Funding of $210,000 has been allocated for box culvert replacement on Gladfield Road, Pyramid Hill and there is $105,000 for parks and gardens projects, including the replacement of the barbecue and shelter at the Pyramid Hill Lions East Park.

Renewing septic systems at several locations in Tarnagulla and Dingee are included in funding of $492,376 for a number of building projects,

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