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$35 million egg lift

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

MORE than 26 million eggs a year will be produced at Newbridge after approval on Tuesday to expand chicken breeding production by Hazel-dene’s.

Loddon Shire councillors ticked off on the projected $35 million expansion application by one of the nation’s largest and leading poultry companies.

Hazeledene’s chief executive officer Mark Heintz said construction of 16 new sheds would start within weeks and lead to an increase in staff at the farm on Laanecoorie-Newbridge road by 20 full-time employees.

“In construction we will use as much local labour as we can to complete the project,” he said.

“The whole concept is to meet growth driven by market demand.”

The sheds will be built over the next five years. Mr Heintz said the three new farms, each with four sheds, would produce on average 510,000 eggs per week or on average 26 million eggs a year.

Eggs from the Newbridge site, currently with four sheds, will be hatched in Bendigo.

Approval of the expanded breeder production farm comes as builders complete the first stage of expansion at Southern Riverlands Poultry’s Boort farm. where low-density, free-range breeding will increase to more than one million birds, meeting RSPCA bare bird requirements, supplied to Hazeldene’s.

Two objections were received to the Newbridge expansion.

Cr Dan Straub said expansion would boost the shire’s population and economic development.

Cr Linda Jungwirth said the application met requirements for a farming zone and would bring benefits to the district.

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