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20 years in waiting

MERINO breeder Erroll Hay says winning the pen-of-three ram prize at the Loddon Valley Field Day has been “a real honour”.

The Kamarooka Park Poll Merino Stud principal said he was still overwhelmed with the achievement, a fortnight after the successful field day at Serpentine that included on-property displays.

One of those displays was at Erroll’s property where 200 ewes were viewed by field day visitors who came from across Victoria. “I’ve been trying to win the pen-of-three for 20 years,” he said.

“It’s a very difficult prize to win.

“It’s a real honour as you are up against some of the best studs in Victoria,” Erroll said.

“The challenge is to have three very even sheep for body and wool.”

Erroll selected three rams from the same sire to achieve his first win in the prize and turn the placings from last year when Kedleston Park claimed a sixth title.

Erroll said he had been using the sire in recent years and “producing some very good stuff”.

This week Erroll has been in the shearing shed and among fleeces being cut are those from sisters of the winning pen-of-three rams.

He said the highly-pregnant scanned-in lambs had been shearing some magnificent wool.

Last December, Kamarooka Park purchased an outstanding ram privately from the renowned Collinsville Merino Stud, South Australia.

“We artificially inseminated 200 ewes (in November) and 170 (December). All these ewes were inseminated with semen from four outstanding sires that we believe will have an enormous impact on our Merinos.”

Kamarooka Park holds an annual ram sale with regular buyers from across the region including Pyramid Hill and Tarnagulla.


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