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170kmh: car stopped

Police have charged a driver who allegedly reached speeds of up to 170kmh near Prairie.

Sgt Brad Hall of Goldfields Highway Patrol said police detected a silver Commodore sedan travelling south at 144 kmh on the Loddon Valley Hwy, Jarklin at about 4pm on Boxing Day

" The car overtook numerous other vehicles before taking the Prairie West Rd towards Calivil.

"Along there, the car reached speeds of 170 kmh before being intercepted by police. "

He said a 37-year-old Kangaroo Flat man was arrested for reckless conduct and excessive speed, before subsequently failing an iral fluid test. The vehicle was unroadworthy – the rear tyres were so excessively worn, they were showing signs of wire and canvass through the rubber as well as two wheels missing some wheel nuts.

The driver will be summonsed to the Bendigo Magistrates Court at a later date for various offences including: reckless conduct, driving at a dangerous speed, unlicensed and drug driving and using an unsafe vehicle. Anyone who witnessed the incident is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers.

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